About me:

Hello I am Danielle Isles Martin and I truly believe a good balance of art and science is what makes good design. As a Photographer, Web Developer and Scientist I live in that balance between science and art, constantly creating and testing new ideas. If you have and idea and need a website let's talk!


Just some of my work, see my code on github

Tramway Venture Partners

Tramway Venture Partners Logo

Developed and currently maintain landing page for Tramway Venture Partner's Website. Built from scratch using HTML, PHP, Bootstrap and CSS. All the images were taken by me and the logo was built using Adobe Illustrator.


Picture of Raspberry Pi mirror during development

A Raspberry Pi powered Smart mirror built on the software side with PHP, mySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and a little bit of Python. Displays important information everyone needs in their daily life such as weather, time, date and Slack.

Sun-Code 2018 Winner

Picture of DuckWorth's site

Suncode 2018 Hack-a-thon winner! Won 3rd place with Duckworth a new approach to the duck problem in Solar energy. Using data from Sunrun we created a platform for customers with Solar and Battery storage to control their energy generation with changing weather.

My Personal Site

Isles Designs logo

Well you're on it now! This site is my personal site to showcase my portfolio as a photographer and Web Designer. If you're interested in more of my work check out my git hub or drop me a line below. And thanks for stopping by!

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